Introducing: iRemix 3.0

We are proud to announce the release of iRemix 3.0! This latest version of the iRemix Social Learning Platform is packed with a ton of new features as well as big improvements in performance and the overall user experience. We’ve been hard at work for over a year on these updates and are excited to see them roll out across all of the iRemix powered social learning networks.

Our focus was on doing everything we could to improve the overall experience for users on any iRemix network. Updates range from a robust new badging system, our redesigned interface, the work under the hood to nearly cut page load times in half to the ability to share portfolio items from your private network to other sites on the web.

We remain focused on creating the best platform for organizations to easily create private social learning networks that are tailored to their specific needs. This new release takes into account all of the wonderful feedback we’ve gotten from the schools, libraries, professional learning communities and after school programs already making use of iRemix.

We’re extremely excited about our ongoing partnership with the Digital Youth Network (where iRemix was incubated) that assures iRemix is rooted in some of the most innovative efforts in digital media and learning. As we begin to make iRemix available to more organizations, we hope to see more creative ways emerge for leveraging the power of social learning networks for youth and adults.

Check out a few of the key updates for iRemix 3.0

Redesigned User Interface

The new interface minimizes the number of clicks needed to access all of the things that matter to you within iRemix. Areas that you need regular access to are available with no more than one click from the homepage.

Redesigned Activity Feed

We’ve ramped up the feed to allow for more visibility into the activity taking place and media being shared. Browsing the feed now allows you to preview every post inline. The feed also shows new activity not previously shown, including earned badges, joining a group, forum comments, new debates, arguments in a debate and more.

You can also immediately check out posts from the feed without having to leave the page.

Badges, Badges, Badges!

There’s been a lot of amazing energy around badges for learning as of late (led by our friends at Mozilla and HASTAC). We’ve been partnering with the good folk at the Digital Youth Network to find the best approach to designing, awarding and integrating badges into a social learning network. A great year of piloting badges in iRemix with DYN and other partners has led to what we feel is an amazingly robust badging infrastructure that can meet well defined learning goals while building on all of the social aspects found in an iRemix powered learning community.

iRemix networks can create their own custom badges that fit their specific learning goals. Users who earn iRemix badges are able to take them with them and share across the web through our integration with Mozilla’s Backpack.

Stay Engaged

iRemix networks are all about engaging new content and interacting with peers and mentors. We’ve expanded the system to better keep users engaged with the people, content and conversations they most care about.

The notifications bar makes users aware of updates on discussions or posts that they’ve made or participated in. They’ll also get notifications when they’ve earned or been recommended badges, if there are new network announcements or activity in any of their groups.

Users also will now be able to stay connected to the most recent activity on their iRemix networks straight from their inbox. Network admins can set up regular email digests to be automatically sent either daily or weekly. Users will receive personalized email digests updating them on new comments, featured posts, announcements, badges, group activity and more.

Exploring Media

We wanted to make exploring media from peers and mentors easier and more enjoyable. Our new media listing brings all types of posts into a single page that loads new content automatically as you scroll and provides easy filters to drill down on exactly what you’re looking for. Viewing and commenting on posts can now happen right there on the media listing, no need to go to a new page to check out a post.


The user dashboard brings all of the most important shortcuts and updates with you no matter what page you’re checking out. Share new media or access your groups, badges or friends all with one click from any page on the site.


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