Introducing iRemix: Social Networks in Schools

The first day of my fan fiction course is always reserved for introducing iRemix.  Social networks are part of the 21st century experience of being a fan, so it is a great opportunity to connect the platform with a theme from the class. To spark student engagement I will establish iRemix as a kind of “Facebook for school,” a space to make personal profiles, connect with other fans, and upload media. However, as many students are quick to note, there are differences between Facebook and iRemix. So I ask, in what ways can the social learning network iRemix be compared to popular social networks such as Facebook or MySpace?
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iRemix: A Personal Introduction


I consider it to be a classroom success when my students routinely log into iRemix without being told, at the beginning of each lesson. They know that this is where to find daily instructions, upload their weekly deliverables, and connect with digital artists and peers throughout Chicago. But how do they get to this point? And, how do we, as educators best utilize the design of iRemix for our own means and ends in and out of the classroom?

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