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iRemix Profiles: Part 2

  In the previous post I explored how students can creatively engage in the construction of iRemix profiles, while also learning to responsibly represent themselves as part of an online community. On the one hand, the affordance of iRemix as a social learning network is that it turns everyday online scenarios into teachable moments. On [...]

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iRemix Profiles: Part 1

  Students within my Digital Youth Network media arts courses will often ask if they can spend class time creating and editing their iRemix profile pages. For some students, the ability to create online profiles via iRemix is a motivating factor for logging on and participating in the network. For others it is a way [...]

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Tagging and the iRemix Community

  On any given day during a school week, we can have over a hundred active users on any one of the Digital Youth Network’s iRemix powered networks. With this many students building their personal portfolios, critiquing others’ work-in-progress , and connecting with media producers it is easy for weekly assignments to get lost in [...]

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Forums and Community Engagement

While students will often describe what they do in Digital Youth Network (DYN) workshops as media production, activities that teach online participation skills are always prevalent in my daily lessons. As an online community, iRemix serves as space for  students to voice their opinions and engage other users. In a sense, this helps them practice [...]

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Introducing iRemix: Social Networks in Schools

The first day of my fan fiction course is always reserved for introducing iRemix.  Social networks are part of the 21st century experience of being a fan, so it is a great opportunity to connect the platform with a theme from the class. To spark student engagement I will establish iRemix as a kind of [...]

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